Professional Experience

(2017-05 to present) Perficient, Inc (formerly Southport Services Group) (Ashburn, Virginia, USA)

Director of Program Innovation

  • Created the department and pioneered development of innovative solutions in the company.
  • In charge of developing complex solutions for the business intelligence space. Begining with documenting the problem through materializing the solution. Including creating use cases for repeatibility and sales material.
  • Secured a partnership to expand the company’s offerings.
  • Begun experimentation with MicroStrategy by using a GPU-based database with promising results.
  • Designed a POC for bringing augmented reality to the business intelligence world. This included an iPad application as well as marketing material an advert that ran through MicroStrategy’s CTO’s keynote presentation during MicroStrategy World 2018. This resulted in many potential customers and indirectly impacted the company’s bottom line by showcasing our capabilities.
Augmented Reality Demo
  • Managed multiple client projects and served as a subject matter expert in several fields.
  • Created integrations to manage different parts of the company’s infrastructure such as developing a bot that could disable and enable users through instant messaging.
  • Designed a POC for facial recognition paired with MicroStrategy data and showcased it at MicroStrategy World 2019.
Facial Recognition Demo
  • My demo showcase was tweeted by Gartner and I personally showcased it to MicroStrategy’s CEO: Michael Saylor.
Tweet from Cindi Howson (VP at Gartner)
  • Co-presented at MicroStrategy World 2019 with Automated Insights on how to use Natural Language Generation (NLG) to boost sales by integrating with MicroStrategy and provide data-driven context. Business Wire publication.
(2016-05 to 2017-04) Southport Services Group (Ashburn, Virginia, USA)

Senior Solutions Architect

  • Managed multiple MicroStrategy and ETL customer projects at a given time, including coordinating resources, determining scope. and ensuring best practices, creating data models, etc.
  • Developed custom solutions and integrations for different customers including Salesforce integration.
  • Created a solution for an assistant that maintained context across different devices including access through text and voice. It also featured an intelligent “tell me more” feature that was context-aware. This was done by leveraging AWS services.
SAIL: A day in the life
  • Served as one of the technical points of reference for the whole consultant team at Southport as well as the sales team.
  • Setup and maintain the sales demo environment at SSG.
  • Maintain SSG’s technical infrastructure.
(2015-01 to 2016-04) Southport Services Group (Ashburn, Virginia, USA)

Solutions Architect

  • Worked with customers to interpret needs and requirements to enable effective utilization of the MicroStrategy product suite.
  • Analyzed customer data, created data models, and developed architecture and ETL tailored for reporting.
  • Setup and customized the MicroStrategy platform including Web, Intelligence Server, and MicroStrategy Office.
  • Managed several customer projects at a given time including scope and estimation of costs.
  • Aided in sales calls and served as a technical reference for different sales initiatives.
  • Established a project tracking system for the company that is customer facing.
  • Setup and created data storage infrastructure for the organization.
  • Maintain SSG’s technical infrastructure.
(2013-01 to 2014-12)  Southport Services Group (Ashburn, Virginia, USA)

Senior Business Intelligence Consultant

  • Helped manage project deliverables as to not deviate from time estimates as well as offered overall direction of the project. Constantly communicated with customers to gauge changes in requirements and adjust due dates and work-hour estimations as needed.
  • Assigned project tasks to customer human resources and provided training for the MicroStrategy platform including database design, MicroStrategy architecture, and report/object creation amongst others. Managed near-shore human resources including assigning tasks, tracking progress, and providing support.
  • Performed environment migrations and upgrades between different MicroStrategy versions, OSs, database technologies, and physical environments including Windows/IIS/MSSQL and Linux/Tomcat/MySQL.
  • Generated requirements, negotiated pricing, and performed acquisition of hardware resources for the company’s consulting team.
(2008-02 to 2013-01)  MicroStrategy Inc. (Tyson’s Corner, Virginia, USA)

Principal Reliability Engineer

  • Managed a small team and developed test cases for various MicroStrategy products to ensure satisfactory reliability, performance, and scalability including IServer, Web, Mobile, Distribution Services, Cloud Express, and Cloud OM. Transformed customer requirements into system sizing needs by developing test cases and scenarios.
  • Helped deal with customer cases for key customers such as American Express, Citi, BofA, Ross, Filiadata, and others. These cases usually involved system crashes, tuning of the IServer or managing scalability requirements. Worked with developers and other Quality Engineers to find trends in cases and help pinpoint problems. Aided in creating documentation for the product as well as created presentations for knowledge sharing amongst the team. Helped manage workload between USA and China offices.
(2006-08 to 2007-12)  Hylsa S.A. de C.V a Techint Company (San Nicolás, NL, México)

Junior Professional

  • Analysis of maintenance engineering practices for several production lines.
  • Project management for a dust collection system that would be used in one of the largest steel production lines. This involved managing resources, collection of various data points including progress, tolerances, time constraints and goals as well as decision making on key deliverables.
  • Project management for an automated slab (steel) transfer car that would be transferring slabs from inventory into a pre-heating furnace. Automation, mechanics, construction, electric design and testing was involved. Resource management as well as data collection during testing and operation played a significant role. Being able to analyze and act on the data collected attributed to the success of the project.
  • Towards the end of my role I started investigating into data analysis with BI tools such as MicroStrategy for all the data we collected from thousands of sensors throughout the plant.
(2006-04 to 2006-07)  Fiestas Land S.A. de C.V. (San Pedro Garza García, NL, México)
  • Development and incorporation of physical inventory to an oscommerce online site. Developed the interface for the actual cash register. SSL management and incorporation with the bank to allow online credit card charges. (Under development:
(2006-01 to 2006-04)  DANA Heavy Axle Mexico (Apodaca, NL, México)

Internship – Quality Engineer

  • Problem solving and creating standards for measurement and verification processes. Developed an interface to allow control over produced axles which stored info on a MySQL database and was returned with PHP. Client contacting with USA and Italian Customers.
(2005-07 to 2005-08)  Sigma Alimentos Noreste S.A. de C.V. (Monterrey, NL, México)

Internship – Maintenance Department.

  • Backup in the maintenance area solving problems. Developed a learning curse for the mechanics which allowed them to understand electrical engineering. I also got some experience programming and installing variable frequency drives and programming PLCs.
(2001-06 to 2004-12)  JR Show Polish (San Pedro Garza García, NL, México)

Owner and Co-Founder

  • Establishing relationships with USA and Canadian providers. Managed paperwork for importing merchandise. Administration, sales, and publicity. Webpage Design.