M.S. Data Analytics Engineering

In Fairfax, Virginia I obtained my Masters in Data Analytics Engineering where I focused on data driven applications, social media analytics, and visualizations. For my capstone project, I was lucky enough to work with NOVA HTI where we created an application that enabled them to better predict locations where human trafficking was likely happening.

B.S. Mechatronics Engineering

In Monterrey, Mexico I studied Mechatronics Engineering at ITESM. Focusing on integration and automation, I worked on several notable projects. One of them was sponsored by Vitro. Together with my team, I developed a measurement system for validating internal die cavities which were used by the Coca Cola Company. We redacted the patent application by the end of the project. Another was sponsored by ITESM itself. I developed and incorporated an interface to be able to read and interpret data feed from wireless sensors (temperature, acceleration, sound, emf, etc.). At the end of the project we were able to determine why certain offices in a building lagged in productivity: lack of oxygen flow.